1 Pak Kooltherm k12 70 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k12 70 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k12 70 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k12 70 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k12 70 mm dik
1 Pak Kooltherm k12 70 mm dik

Pack Kooltherm k12 70 mm thick

High-quality insulation for parapets, interior walls or post-insulation of pitched roofs. K12 with a low lambda value, which means for you maximum isolation at small thickness. The K12 insulation panels Kingspan has a DUBO mark. Due to low weight is easy to process the K12. Suitable for your insulation project! 1 Pack consists of 6 boards a 4.32 M2.


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Meer informatie

Kingspan Kooltherm K12 70 mm thick.

The high-quality insulation board K12 Kingspan is ideal for after-insulating your attic, or your inner parapet. The F12 frame plate has a lambda value from 0,020 W / M K, this means ú maximum insulation at a minimal thickness. You so can save valuable space.

In addition, the Kingspan rigid phenolic foam insulation environmentally friendly and features a DUBOkeur. The Kingspan Kooltherm Plates are one of the few rigid phenolic foam insulation board with this label. So you are assured of high quality and environmentally friendly product.

Enumerating for ú;

  • High rigid foam insulation with a low lambda value from 0,020
  • Has a DuBoKeur
  • Maximum insulation for a minimal thickness
  • Very suitable for sustainable building
  • Light insulation, easy to process.
  • Permanent thermal rendemend
  • Selected product by Kingspanshop

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