Kooltherm K10 Plus ceiling plate

The Kooltherm K10 Plus is a high performance rigid phenolic foam insulation board suitable for insulating ceilings. With a minimum thickness can be reached very high insulation value. The Kooltherm K10 Plus are supplied per pack, this from a thickness of 20mm t / m 200mm. Resol hard foam insulation board K10 consists of a fiber-free core and on each side with a glass fleece and comes with straight sides.

Also, this high Resol hard foam insulation provided with the DuBo mark. Only the most durable insulation is provided with this quality mark!

The Kooltherm K10 Plus there is to obtain different thicknesses. We supply the Kooltherm K10 Plus to 200mm thick

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Populaire Kooltherm K10 Plus ceiling plate

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